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Company Profile and Services (History)Behineh Pardaz Tarnian Company (PJS) in 2011 under the registration number 46022, was established in Isfahan and now in various areas related to information and communication technology is involved.The appellation of Behineh Pardaz Tarnian Company (PJS)Behineh: providing the best for the customerPardaz: focus on customer orderTarnian: the name of the wooden baskets are woven togetherBehineh Pardaz Tarnian: a basket containing appropriate and cost-effective solution for the customerNow the company is serving its customers in the following fieldsDesign and implementation of software under the various operating systems (e.g. Windows, Android, Linux, etc.)Design and implementation of websites and online systems integrated of a variety of websites, including personal, commercial, corporate, news and educational systems, customer management and ...Design and implementation of computer networking in a limited area and wide (companies, organizations and between organizations) and Internet transmissionimplementation of Active networks security and control with facilities such as user controls, monitoring, controlled access to resources and integrating different accounts within the internal network usersImplementation of internal phone network platform (VOIP) limited in area and extensive (internal, inter-agency and international) with the possibility of integrating various systems such as customer management system with the phone (or companies) and the possibility respond to the voice of the phone to customers according to customer request and fetch the information from various applications within the organization.Registration types of domains and hosting inside and outside of Iran.Design of electronic catalogs (online newsletters, software, multimedia, etc.) and paper and promotional productsProgramming, web design and online systemsProgramming for various platforms based on customer's order.Programming for defined plans and projects in research & Development Co. and internal projectsProgramming for collaborative plans and projects with other organizations and companies.Web design based on customer's orderWebsite Design plans and projects defined in the R & D company and internal projectsWebsite Design for collaborative plans and projects with other organizations and companiesSystems Designing software and integrated online by using the programming tools as required.It should be noted that programming and Website Design both are placed in the category of programming but since the way of the operating system and web-based software Designing in the company is segregated We have to separate them into two distinct categoriesWe are capable of consolidated projects to build integrated software is capable of.