• Our expertise is custom programming!

    Specialized and custom programming for the operating system Android, ios, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, Java and web applications in various fields including the field of scientific and delivery of content, analysis and calculation, geography and routing (GIS), implementation of business processes.

  • Design and build Internet and internal Web sites

    Custom programming to create Web sites and Web sites on intranets and the Internet.

    Create Web applications for use in networks with non-identical platforms.

    Create Web services to integrate different software.

    Implementation of common Web sites, including personal websites, informative, commercial, institutional and ...

  • Production of custom software and standard integrated network

    Custom programming to different parts of VOIP technology and system side.

    Internal network configuration For maximum integration between various systems such as VOIP, Chat, Active Directory, Internet Access and ...

  • Design and production of Android, iPhone and Windows softwares

    Build Custom Software android, ios and windows for portable devices according to customer requirements.

    Production software with integrated online systems, Web services and Web sites.

    Create a custom ROM for Android devices to set up business with a particular brand.